MCQs in English (General)
General Knowledge
English Grammar
Pakistan Studies

FIA Sub Inspector or ASI Test includes the most possible MCQs in the upcoming exams. Tests consist of MCQs from General Knowledge, Current Affairs, English, Pakistan Studies, etc. All the MCQs are collected from previous papers, books, and online resources. BEST of LUCK!

  •   Q: 1 The traveler slept under the ...... shade of banyan tree. [English (General)]
  •   Q: 2 You have to wait _____ Thursday [English (General)]
         cby and by
  •   Q: 3 Since I have become a little deaf I play the radio more loudly because I find it ___________. [English (General)]
         aa little more hard to hear
         ba little harder for heating
         ca little harder for to hear
         da little harder to hear
         eNone of the above
  •   Q: 4 When their examinations are over, the children gleefully ...... the books they had been reading. [English (General)]
  •   Q: 5 ...... all intents and purposes, the manager is the master of the firm. [English (General)]
  •   Q: 6 which of the following is the most elastic? [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 7 Reindeer is a lake located in: [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 8 Lake Titicaca is located between Pru and: [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 9 The hardest subtance available on earth is : [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 10 which pakistani poet got 'Lenin Prize' [General Knowledge]
         aHabib Jalib
         bAhmad Faraz
         cFaiz Ahmad Faiz
         dnone of these
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 11 I need bread, so I ______________ go to the store. [English Grammar]
         ahad to
         bhave to
         cgot to
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 12 He says, "He is a good boy": [English Grammar]
         aHe says that he was a good boy
         bHe says that he will be good boy
         cHe says that he is a good boy
         dHe says that he will be a good boy
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 13 That movie star is _____________ beautiful! [English Grammar]
         c much
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 14 chief [English Grammar]
         dNone of these
  •   Q: 15 I don't know _______________. [English Grammar]
         awhat's the time
         bwhat is the time
         cwhat time is it
         dwhat time it is
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 16 The Jihad movement was organized by _______ [Pakistan Studies]
         aNawab Ameer Khan
         bShah Abdul Aziz
         cSayyed Ahmad Shaheed
         dShah Abdul Raheem
         enone of the above
  •   Q: 17 ______ was the first Governor General of Pakistan [Pakistan Studies]
         aQuaid e Azam
         bKhuwaja Nazim ud Din
         cSuhar Wardi
         dLiaqat Ali Khan
         enone of the above
  •   Q: 18 In 1970 general elections, the Awami League won ______ seats in East Pakistan. [Pakistan Studies]
         dnone of the above
  •   Q: 19 Allama Iqbal (RA) delivered his famous presidential address at Allahabad in ______ [Pakistan Studies]
         enone of the above
  •   Q: 20 The Indian National Congress was established in ______ [Pakistan Studies]
         enone of the above