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The test is a collection of MCQs based on Computer Science and Computer literacy. The Candidates who applied for Computer Operators or Key Punch Operators Clerks Steno etc are encouraged to attempt the MCQs test. The test includes MCQs for Current Affairs and General Knowledge to strengthen your test preparations. Best of Luck!

  •   Q: 1 Usually, it takes 10-bits to represent one character. How many characters can be transmitted at a speed of 1200 BPS? [Compute Science (M.Sc)]
  •   Q: 2 Table is synonymous with the term: [Compute Science (M.Sc)]
  •   Q: 3 An Enterprise Resource Planning application is an example of a(n) ________ . [Compute Science (M.Sc)]
         asingle-user database application
         bmultiuser database application
         ce-commerce database application
         ddata mining database application
  •   Q: 4 The 2's complement of a binary no. is obtained by its 1's complement. [Compute Science (M.Sc)]
  •   Q: 5 Each entity is represented as a(n): [Compute Science (M.Sc)]
  •   Q: 6 Who is Angela Merkel? [Current Affair ]
         a Prime Minister of Germany
         bChancellor of Germany
         c Prime Minister of France
         dChancellor of France
  •   Q: 7 Salt Mine, Khewra is located in _________ district. [Current Affair ]
         a Jhelum
         b DG Khan
         c DI Khan
         d Gujrat
  •   Q: 8 Currently, there are __________ member states of the United Nations. [Current Affair ]
  •   Q: 9 According to the US Department of Homeland Security report released on 16 April 2014, temporary workers of which community accounted for the largest number of non-immigrants residing in the US in 2012 [Current Affair ]
  •   Q: 10 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on 14 April 2014 released theTrends in world military expenditure, 2013. According to this the world military expenditure in real terms has declined since 2012 by [Current Affair ]
         a1.9 percent
         b2.9 percent
         c 2.5 percent
         d 3.0 percent
  •   Q: 11 The words that are reserved for the specification purpose and cannot be used for other purposes are known as [Computer F.Sc]
         aUser-defined words
         cReserved word
         dNone of the above
  •   Q: 12 Pick up the correct statement [Computer F.Sc]
         aZ4 is a subscripted variable
         bC scores lists of values in Arrays
         cElements of array are always counted from 1
         dSpace is llowed in Array-name
  •   Q: 13 Each statement of the C program must be terminated with a [Computer F.Sc]
         a. (Full stop)
         b: (semicolon)
         c, (comma)
         d} (closing brace)
  •   Q: 14 Which of the following is not a communication medium [Computer F.Sc]
         aFiber Optics
  •   Q: 15 Scanner is [Computer F.Sc]
         aInput device
         bOutput device
         cI/O device
         dNone of the above
  •   Q: 16 volcanos that have not erupted at all in historic times retain the features of volcanoes are called [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 17 Baffin Iseland is located in: [General Knowledge]
         aArctic Ocean
         bPacific Ocean
         cIndian Ocean
         dSouth Pacific
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 18 the hijri era is counted from [General Knowledge]
         a622 AD
         b632 AD
         c712 AD
         d670 AD
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 19 "ANA-MPA"(Athens Macdonian News Agency) is the news agency of: [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 20 On which days the sunrays are vertical over the tropic of cancer: [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above