MCQs in Islamic Studies

The most possible MCQs in the upcoming exams. Tests consist of MCQs from the subject of Islamiat. All the MCQs are collected from previous papers, books, and online resources. BEST of LUCK!

  •   Q: 1 What is the biggest sin in Islam? [Islamic Studies]
         aNot offering prayers.
         bWorshiping something other than Allah Almighty
         cTaking Bribe.
         dNot keeping Fast.
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 2 __________ takes out souls of life bearing creatures [Islamic Studies]
         aJibrael (A.S)
         bMikael (A.S)
         c Israfeel (A.S)
         dIzraeel (A.S)
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 3  Eid Prayer is __________ . [Islamic Studies]
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 4 What is the meaning of the word “Qur’an”? [Islamic Studies]
         aThat which is Respected
         bThat which is Advice
         cThat which is Read
         dThat which is Pure
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 5 Who was the maternal grandfather of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)? [Islamic Studies]
         aWahib bin Abdul Mannaf
         bAmer bin Umro
         cNafeel bin Abdul Uzza
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 6 Khateeb-ul-Ambia was the title of __________. [Islamic Studies]
         aProphet Dawood (A.S)
         b Prophet Nooh (A.S)
         cProphet Yaqoob (A.S)
         dProphet Shoaib (A.S)
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 7 The battle of badr took place on… [Islamic Studies]
         aThe 27th of Ramadan
         bThe 17th of Ramadan
         cThe 10th of Ramadan
         dThe 25th of Ramadan
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 8 Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice?. [Islamic Studies]
         a Aal-e-Imraan
         b Al-Namal
         d Muhammad
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 9 The name "Muhammad" has been mentioned _________ times in the Holy Quran. [Islamic Studies]
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 10 The first female martyr in Islam is? [Islamic Studies]
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 11 The word “Ahmad” (PBUH) as a name has been mentioned in Quran? [Islamic Studies]
         bNone of these
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 12 Mother of The Holy Prophet (PBUH), …………died when his age was ........... years? [Islamic Studies]
         aHazrat Hajira , 8
         bHazrat Aamina , 8
         cHazrat Hajira , 6
         dHazrat Aamina , 6
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 13 Al-Hudaibiyah Treaty was scribed by __________. [Islamic Studies]
         aAbu Bakr Siddique (R.A)
         bUmar Farooq (R.A)
         cUsman Ghani (R.A)
         dAli Al-Murtaza (R.A)
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 14 What was the age of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) when the Qur’an was first revealed to him through Jibraeel (Alaihis-salaam)? [Islamic Studies]
         a41 Years
         b43 Years
         c42 Years
         d40 Years
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 15 The first Msjid (Mosque) on the surface of Earth is? [Islamic Studies]
         b Masjid-e-Nabavi
         d Quba Masjid
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 16 The book of Hadith, Al-Muwatta, was compiled by __________ . [Islamic Studies]
         a Imam Abu Haneefa (R.A)
         b Imam Shafi (R.A)
         c Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (R.A)
         dImam Malik (R.A)
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 17  In the begining Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) worked as a shepherd for __________. [Islamic Studies]
         aBanu sad
         bbanu asad
         cbanu ummayya
         d Banu Makhzoom
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 18 Muhammad (PBUH) was born on ………….? [Islamic Studies]
         a17th Rabi'-ul-Awwal
         b11th Rabi'-ul-Awwal
         c18th Rabi'-ul-Awwal
         d12th Rabi'-ul-Awwal
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 19 What are the other names of the Qur’an according to the Qur’an itself? [Islamic Studies]
         aAl-Furqaan, Al-Kitaab, Al-Zikr
         bAl-Furqaan, Al-Kitaab, Al-Zikr, Al-Fatih, Al-Huda
         cAl-Furqaan, Al-Kitaab, Al-Zikr, Al-Noor, Al-Huda
         dAl-Furqaan, Al-Kitaab, Al-Zikr, Al-Noor
         eNone of the these
  •   Q: 20 What is the Battle Called in the Quran as the Day of Furqaan [Islamic Studies]
         dKhandaq (Trench)
         eNone of the these