MCQs in English (General)
General Knowledge
English Grammar
Pakistan Studies

Sub Inspector or ASI Test includes the most possible MCQs in the upcoming exams. Tests consist of MCQs from General Knowledge, Current Affairs, English, Pakistan Studies, etc. All the MCQs are collected from previous papers, books, and online resources. BEST of LUCK!

  •   Q: 1 As light as [English (General)]
         ba flake
         ca feather
  •   Q: 2 Identify the appropriate word to follow TIMID beagring relationship as between ''round and ball'' [English (General)]
  •   Q: 3 The pilot had been warned about the storm, before he ...... [English (General)]
         atook away
         btook up
         ctook over
         dtook off
  •   Q: 4 Rohan and Rohit are twin brothers, but they do not look ...... [English (General)]
  •   Q: 5 A momentous decision : [English (General)]
         eNone of the above
  •   Q: 6 Which rain in the equatorial are the result of influences? [General Knowledge]
         aSea breeze
         bLand breeze
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 7 The length of Indus River is ______. [General Knowledge]
         a2600 km
         b3700 km
         c2900 km
         dNone of these
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 8 "LETA" is the news agency of: [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 9 what is the currency of china  [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 10 The United Nations charter was ratified in 1945 [General Knowledge]
         a29 countries
         b37 countries
         c40 countries
         d50 countries
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 11 Cats eat fish is?. [English Grammar]
         aPassive Voice
         cActive Voice
         dNone of these
  •   Q: 12 Mujahid says, "Ali will go and meet you" [English Grammar]
         aMujahid says that Ali would go and meet you
         bMujahid say that Ali will go and meet you
         c Mujahid says that Ali will go and meet you
         dMujahid says that Ali will go and met you
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 13 Choose the sentence with past perfect tense: [English Grammar]
         aHe want to the bazaar
         bHe was writing a letter.
         cHe had bought a new dress.
         d He woke up early in the morning.
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 14 I went home after _______________ work. [English Grammar]
         cto finish
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 15 He said that he was going is : [English Grammar]
         aDirect speech
         bIndirect speech
         cNone of these
  •   Q: 16 Mujibur Rehman was sworn in as the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh on _________. [Pakistan Studies]
         a10th March 1972
         b10th February 1972
         c10th January 1972
         dnone of the above
  •   Q: 17 The First Governor General of Pakistan? [Pakistan Studies]
         aAllama Muhammad Iqbal (RA)
         bThe Quaid-e-Azam (RA)
         cShah Vali Ullah
         dnone of the above
  •   Q: 18 Dadu Mian was born in _______ [Pakistan Studies]
         enone of the above
  •   Q: 19 The 1930 Muslim League annual session was presided over by _____ [Pakistan Studies]
         aQuaid e Azam
         bChaudhary Rehmat Ali
         cNazim ud Din
         dSir Allama Muhammad iqbal
         enone of the above
  •   Q: 20 Allama Iqbal (RA) delivered his famous presidential address at Allahabad in ______ [Pakistan Studies]
         enone of the above