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Ability Test for the post of Office Assistant is a collection of thousands of MCQs based on General Knowledge, English Grammer, and Vocabulary, Pakistan Studies, etc. MCQs are collected from previous papers, books, and online resources.

  •   Q: 1 The club members tell Farhat that they admired his dancing and singing for their organization. [English (General)]
         dNone of the above
  •   Q: 2 How much a man earns is as important as.............. [English (General)]
         aWhere does he earn
         bWhy does he earn of all
         cWhen does he do so
         dHow does he do it
         eHow well he spends it
  •   Q: 3 Many people have law degrees..................... [English (General)]
         aBut not all of them law practice
         bHowever it is not practised by all
         cAnd some of them do have practice also
         dBut some of them do not practise it
         enone of these
  •   Q: 4 He is so lazy that he [English (General)]
         aCan't delay the schedule of completing the work
         bCan't defend on others for getting his work done
         cAlways extends help to others to complete their work
         dCan seldom complete his work on time
         enone of these
  •   Q: 5 Indigent [English (General)]
         bPoverty stricken
  •   Q: 6 the islands od seychelles are located in  [General Knowledge]
         aarctic ocean
         bindian ocean
         catlantic ocean
         dnone of these
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 7 when did alexander invaded india [General Knowledge]
         a336 BC
         b326 BC
         c328 BC
         d332 BC
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 8 "Cardiff" is the seaport of _______: [General Knowledge]
         aUnited States
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 9 Which country is called 'Gift if Nile'? [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 10 Border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as _______. [General Knowledge]
         aSilk Line
         bDurand Line
         cSafak Line
         dGojal Line
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 11 _________________ you give me money, I'll shoot you. [English Grammar]
         dNone of these
  •   Q: 12 Click the "first person": [English Grammar]
         aI, Me, We, Us
         bWho, Whose, Whom, What, Which, When, Where
         cThat, These, Those, They, You
         dHe, She, It, They, them, him, her
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 13 While changing from direct to indirect the word THESE changes as: [English Grammar]
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 14 ________________ it rains, I'll go golfing. [English Grammar]
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 15 Cats eat fish is?. [English Grammar]
         aPassive Voice
         cActive Voice
         dNone of these
  •   Q: 16 The British East India Company conquered Delhi in the year _______ [Pakistan Studies]
         enone of the above
  •   Q: 17 Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (RA) started his political career in _____ [Pakistan Studies]
         enone of the above
  •   Q: 18 Allama Iqbal (RA) delivered his famous presidential address at Allahabad in ______ [Pakistan Studies]
         enone of the above
  •   Q: 19 The scientific society was established in ______ [Pakistan Studies]
         enone of the above
  •   Q: 20 The average altitude of Balochistan Plateau is ___________. [Pakistan Studies]
         a610 meters
         b850 meters
         c750 meters
         dnone of the above