MCQs in Mathematics (F.Sc)
General Knowledge
English Grammar

The test is a collection of MCQs based on the subject of Statistics. The Candidates who applied for Statistical Officer or posts which requires preparation in statistics can use this test to prepare for the exams. The test includes MCQs for Current Affairs and General Knowledge to strengthen your test preparations. Mathematical MCQs are included. Best of Luck!

  •   Q: 1 In inferential statistics, we study [statistics]
         athe methods to make decisions about population based on sample results
         bhow to make decisions about mean, median, or mode
         c how a sample is obtained from a population
         dNone of the above
  •   Q: 2 Given the N values in a series, the geometric mean is [statistics]
         aThe third root of the product of N values.
         bThe square root of the product of N values
         cThe fourth root of the product of N values
         dThe Nth root of the product of N values
  •   Q: 3 The first hand and unorganized form of data is called [statistics]
         aTartary data
         bSecondary data
         cOrganized data
         dPrimary data
  •   Q: 4 On matters of academics (knowledge) a researcher should consider himself as [statistics]
         aEntirely dependent on the teacher
         bOpen minded and radical
         cFairly knowledgeable
         dA status quo maintainer
  •   Q: 5 The grouped data is also called [statistics]
         a Raw data
         bPrimary data
         cSecondary data
         dQualitative data
  •   Q: 6 Which content is called the dark content? [General Knowledge]
         bNorth America
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 7 How many times Hazrat Musa(A.S) has been mentioned in Quran? [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 8 which is the most efficient engine [General Knowledge]
         asteam engine
         belectric engine
         cdiesel engine
         dPertrol Engine
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 9 Lake Outario is located in_____: [General Knowledge]
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 10 Stainless steel is an alloy of: [General Knowledge]
         aIron , carbon and nickel
         bIron , chromium and nickel
         cIron and manganese
         dIron and zinc
         eNone of the Above
  •   Q: 11 She had her suit ____________. [English Grammar]
         bto press
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 12 Mujahid says, "Ali will go and meet you" [English Grammar]
         aMujahid says that Ali would go and meet you
         bMujahid say that Ali will go and meet you
         c Mujahid says that Ali will go and meet you
         dMujahid says that Ali will go and met you
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 13 Click the pronouns: ( Pick the wrong Answer ) [English Grammar]
         aWho, Whose, Whom, What, Which, When, Where
         bHe, She, It, Him, Her, My, Our, Your, This, That, These, Those, They
         cI, We, Me, Us, You, Mine, Ours, Yours
         dMan, Foot, Tooth, Child, Friend
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 14 He has stopped _______________ for his health. [English Grammar]
         bto smoking
         dto smoke
         eNone of these
  •   Q: 15 chief [English Grammar]
         dNone of these
  •   Q: 16 A producer blends two qualities of rice one costing Rs: 12.50 per kg and other costing Rs: 14:00 per kg in the ration of 4:5. Find the profit percent if he sells the mixture at the rate of Rs: 16 per kg [Mathematics (F.Sc)]
  •   Q: 17 A tank can be filled by tap A in 16 hrs and by tap B in 20 hrs. Both the taps are kept opened for 8 hrs and then A is closed. In how many more hours will the tank be completely filled? [Mathematics (F.Sc)]
         a2 hrs
         b12 2?3
         c10 hrs
         d0.5 hrs
  •   Q: 18 If a particle moves according to the law x=e^t then velocity at time t=0 is [Mathematics (F.Sc)]
         dNone of the above
  •   Q: 19 25 men can consume 250kg of wheat in 20 days. 20 men cang consume how much wheat in 25 days? [Mathematics (F.Sc)]
  •   Q: 20 If slope of a line is 2 then slope of the line perpendicular to this line is equal to [Mathematics (F.Sc)]